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Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to get your business on the first page so that you can generate more qualified leads and acquire more customers. We take a proven, data-driven approach to SEO, continuously improving our methods and upgrading our tools in order to help you stay out in front of your competition and aligned with the ever-changing dynamics of search engine algorithms. Our SEO experts will enable your website to generate more, targeted traffic that can be consistently converted to customers. Our strategies are based on hard research and well earned experience, and we continue to evolve our techniques in order to protect the competitive advantages we bring to our clients.

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SEO Plans have a $195 one-time setup fee and require a 3 month commitment. After that, we work on a month-to-month basis. For more information, read our terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any SEO plans for “Local SEO”?

All our SEO services are performed with the specific business, industry and marketplace in mind. Thus, if you are a local brick and mortar business where clients can stop and receive services or purchase goods, then we design an SEO strategy that takes all of this into account. Boom, Local SEO. If you are a pure play E-Commerce business, then the combination and emphasis of techniques and tactics are likely to be very different – as they should!

Why is there a 3 month minimum commitment for SEO Services ?

Achieving SEO success takes time and is by nature, an iterative process. In other words, a lot of research, testing, experimentation and measurement goes into the production of any meaningful improvement. Three months is just about the minimum amount of time we need to evaluate the data and measure performance.

How many links will you build?

We don’t build links with a specific number in mind. Rather, we focus on getting you high quality links on the most relevant and targeted sites. Our goal is to bring you better traffic and not get your site penalized for having built a slew of useless, spammy links.

Do you guarantee that I will rank on page one for a particular keyword?

We don’t guarantee you’ll achieve any particular rankings for any specific keywords. Our plans are not designed to target a particular keyword or terms. Rather, our approach is designed to optimize your overall visibility on search and drive more organic traffic to your site. We’ve been known to get clients on page one for certain keywords, but that is usually as a byproduct of strong and consistent SEO efforts over a fair amount of time.

Free Marketing Consultation
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SEO Process

Startup Process:

1. Complete the signup form.
2. Our SEO team will start researching potential link targets.
3. We’ll send you a link building calendar so you can see exactly what websites we’ll target for link acquisition.
4. At the end of each month we’ll send you a detailed report including data about keyword rankings, traffic and leads.
5. After 3 months we’ll send you a high level report that looks at your organic search performance over the entire quarter. This will be followed up with a conference call with your dedicated consultant to discuss your campaigns and the best strategy for moving forward.